inext Alcatraz cloud service

Alcatraz system is a cloud service (SaaS) for monitoring and controlling Android set-top boxes (STB) in the operator’s network.

  • full control of the TV box
  • your push notifications
  • REST API for integration
  • helpful information
  • provided free of charge*

Control Your

inext Alcatraz system – is a cloud SaaS Device Management System designed for monitoring and controlling STBs on a certain network or conditions.

An operator can see STB’s Model name, MAC address, Serial Number, Last IP address, and Activity status.

inext Alcatraz system


The administrator has the ability to block certain STBs and send custom messages to the user’s screen.


inext Alcatraz has a REST API available for an effortless integration with any middleware and billing solution to achieve full automation of STB management.

Check activity and connection status, control, or send a message to a user – all with a simple API request directly from your corporate management system.

inext Alcatraz system

Get Updates

Receive email notifications with all system updates, new Firmwares builds, applications updates, beta system images, upcoming inext models, and many more.

*inext Alcatraz service is provided as part of the OS customization service